Evecare For Leucorrhea, Premenstrual Syndrome, Dysmenorrhea & Irregular Menstruation Treatment

EvecareHimalaya Evecare is a normalizing encouragement on the menstruation period by quality of its uterine stimulant action. It puts the stimulatory effects over the ovarian tissue which makes the body able to regulate the endogenous secretion of hormones; it limits the abnormal uterine bleeding along with make repairs in the endometrium. It is a perfect healing agent and so is able to control the pain that takes place due to dysmenorrhea. It contains some properties like it is immunity booster and helps to avoid the problems like anemia and having this on regular basis helps you to keep the weakness due to uterine issues under control. Are you looking for predominant Irregular Menstruation Cure? Himalaya Evecare is the best Leucorrhea Treatment for any woman with no side effects. It effectively treats Premenstrual Syndrome as well as Dysmenorrhea.
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Premenstrual syndrome and menstrual anomalies are a typical issue among ladies. There are diverse explanations behind these two issues in ladies, for example, stress, hormones, irregularity diet, cervical tumor, PCOS, uterine polyps, and so forth, yet these issues can be treated with Himalaya Evecare. Himalaya Evecare is a home grown Ayurvedic solution that assists in regularizing menstrual cycle with its exceptional quality go about as a uterine stimulant. It has uterine stimulant property which adapts to side effects connected with menstrual issues or pain during menstruation. It advances physical and passionate solace to help with emotional episodes that are regularly experienced and grumbled by ladies amid this period.

Are you suffering from irregular menstruation? Well! It is now a very common factor in women nowadays. Many women out there are suffering from the irregular menstrual cycle. It happens due to several reasons which will be discussed below. Irregular periods are nothing but the abnormal difference in the length of period’s cycle. A cycle ranging in-between 8 to 20 days is usually considered as the irregular menstrual cycle. With the help of Himalaya Evecare, Irregular Menstruation Cure can be done effectively.

What is Himalaya Evecare?

Evecare is a medicine which is manufactured by the Himalaya Herbal Drug Company. Himalaya Evecare is used for the treatment of irregular periods in women as well as certain other menstrual issues such as the Dysmenorrhea, cyclic irregular, etc. It is available in the market in the capsule and the syrup form.

Therapeutic Uses Evecare

This product is known as irregular menstruation cure because it provides you relieve from monthly period’s pain. All this is because of products’ antispasmodic as well as anti-inflammatory benefits. It is even able to give a boost to your immunity. The hemoglobin level in your blood also rises up after taking the product on regular basis. So, it is very easy to control problems like anemia along with other uterine problems. It saves you from premenstrual syndrome and so proves to be a great fertility booster as well. This medicine contains gonadotropins that are able to regulate progesterone levels, follicle maturation and also normalizing estrogen and having the product on regular basis brings the hormonal level under balance.

Benefits Of Evecare

Himalaya evecare saves you from premenstrual syndrome and some of the assisted conception. Some of the other issues like dysmenorrhea which is also known as menstrual pains and leucorrhea can also be avoided by taking medicine regularly. It is a wonderful leucorrhea treatment and saves you from dysfunctional uterine bleeding. Some of the menstrual irregularities like heavy bleeding, irregular interval bleeding or infrequent menstrual bleeding can also be cured by the product.

  • It parities the hormones and treats the condition normally without creating any symptoms.
  • It helps up the vitality furthermore guarantees arrangement of hemoglobin to decrease the paleness. It additionally builds the red platelets and hemoglobin substance of the blood for the management of amenorrhea.
  • It is helpful for balancing so as to enhance the conceptual capacities hormonal and inward capacities.
  • It lessens the anxiety and different side effects that are delivered because of the lopsidedness of the hormones.
  • It considered as one of the best home grown recipes that give brisk help from overwhelming dying.
  • It is gainful for all young ladies and ladies who experience the menstrual disorders or ill effects of leucorrhea that is an extreme white release from vagina.
  • The Evecare helps in the regularization of periods.
  • It also helps in the normalization of the hormone levels.
  • The lining of the uterus is repaired with the help of Evecare.
  • Haemoglobin level is improvised.
  • It can prevent the heavy bleeding caused during the periods days.
  • The main thing that it does is to regularize the periods.
  • It helps in lessening the anxiety level that women get during those days.
  • It relaxes the vagina and lessens the pain it cause during the menstrual days.
  • It works wonderfully as Leucorrhea Treatment and helps in stopping the irregular uterine bleeding.

Ingredients Of Evecare

Herbal product is made up of some herbs that includes dashamoola, ashoka, lodhra, kakamachi, punarnava, guduchi, yashada bhasma, shatavari, kasisa godanti bhasma, kumara, shammali, chandana, trikatu, musta, triphala, and vasaka.

Benefits Contained in Natural Ingredients of Herbal Product

  • Ashoka – This specific tree has some potent estrogenic properties and so it is able to restoration of endometrium and also gives regulation in estrogen levels. Along with that it is able to rebuild the endometrium at the time of menstrual period.
  • Lodh tree – This tree is able to enhance the fertility as it creates regulation in ovarian hormones.
  • Asaparagus (Shatavari) – This plant is able to maintain the balance in hormones specifically in women who got fluctuation in hormones during menopause or menstruation period. It is well known in herb world for its fertility powers. It treats the premenstrual syndrome and its symptoms as well. Having the same helps to lessen the irritation of sexual organs and as a result you would have boosted sex drive in women.
  • Malabar Nut (Vasaka) – This herb contains anti-inflammatory along with some numbing properties and so you would get relieve from paining menstrual issue named dysmenorrhea.

Additional Benefits of the Product

Himalaya evecare treats the inner membrane of uterus and regular usage helps to give you regular endogenous hormonal secretion. It even treats the symptoms of abnormal bleeding during menstruation and treats the cyclical rhythm. Heavy bleeding can also be avoided by the same. It contains some anti-inflammatory properties and so you would have lessen or perhaps no pain during menstruation when taking the product. You would have better immunity because of regular intake of evecare and thus have stronger immunity that is required for good hemoglobin in blood. So, all menstruation related issues and anemia is avoided with having the same. It gives strength to the immune system and makes hemoglobin level high in your blood that makes it work as irregular menstruation cure.

  1. It is made of every single characteristic fixing, consequently is protected to take for any ladies with no nervousness of symptoms.
  2. This item is surely understood for its activities on the genital organs. This common mix of herbs gives support to the regenerative organs for ordinary working. An appropriate eating regimen and a normal activity can empower its advantages.
  3. It gives alleviation from back torment, largeness of bosom, torment in limits, migraine, and so on.
  4. Girls and ladies who experience the ill effects of unpredictable periods because of any reason or reason can take this solution to adjust hormones and for typical working of sexual organs. Drinking an adequate amount of water with its utilization can too cleanse the blood.

Also, all the uterine problems and weakness can be treated by having the product on regular basis. This specific product have a hormones named gonadotropins which is helpful to regulate the follicle maturation, ovulation and also make estrogen normal along with normalizing the progesterone levels as well. Hormone gonadotropins is helpful for system because it makes the body able to get a normal growth, have reproductive actions along with development of sexual health as well. In short we can say that Evecare helps to enhance fertility because it gives way to normalizing in hormone balance.

Indications That Indicate That You Need This Product Are:

  • Premenstrual syndrome
  • pain during menstruation
  • Heavy Bleeding
  • Irregular Periods
  • Dysmenorrhea
  • Menstrual disorders

When do you need to Use Evecare?

If you are having some of these down symptoms, then you must use Evecare. Here are the symptoms:

  1. Premenstrual Syndrome
  2. Irregular Menstrual
  3. Severe Bleeding
  4. Heavy Abdominal pain during Menstrual days
  5. Menstrual Disorder

There are no such side effects known about the Evecare. So it can be consumed without any worries.

Diet and Lifestyle Changes Required

When you are having problems related to menstruation which are common with the issue then it is ok but if the problem is something bigger then you have to make small changes in your diet and lifestyle which would proves best for you. You have a make a habit of having a healthy nutritious diet that is loaded with all kinds of nutrients that are necessary for health management of your body. It is a good habit to do exercises on daily basis. Have good amount of sleep daily and for that you should sleep around 8 hours a day. This would provide ample rest to the body necessary for healing and repairing of body form inside.

Correct Directions To Follow For Correct Benefits:

Women suffering from premenstrual syndromeor any other menstrual disorders are recommended to use Himalaya Evecare.Himalaya Evecare is available in the form of syrup and tablets, thus it is suggested to consult your physician before start its use.

Maximum Dosage To Take In A Day:

1 tablet can be taken twice in a day or if you are taking its syrup, then one spoon is enough in a day.

What are causes behind Irregular Menstruation?

There are several reasons behind an irregular menstruation. Some of them are as follows:


Stress is such a factor that can cause harm to your body in several different ways. It may cause you an-ovulation which prevents the eggs production. Hence it affects the menstrual cycle.

Extreme exercise:

Extreme exercise is one of the certain reasons behind the abnormal periods. According to the research, heavy exercise may cause you extreme energy loss, and hence there occurs an imbalance in the hormones present.

Polycystic ovary syndrome:

If you are suffering from Polycystic ovary syndrome, then you can have irregular periods. Most of the women nowadays suffer from Polycystic ovary syndrome.

Birth control pills:

It is a major reason behind irregular menstruation. Birth control pills affect your natural hormonal secretion that causes you irregular periods. It takes months to get back into normal routine.

Gaining or losing a lot of weight:

Continuous change in the weight affects the pituitary gland. As a result of that, it causes an imbalance in the hormones which in turn results in causing irregular periods.

Other medications:

It is a very common factor of irregular periods. Some drugs may cause you irregular periods.


You have to maintain distance from sugary, spicy, oily, highly processed foods or high saturated foods. Also, you haven’t depended over junk foods. You should not have white sugary because all these dietary items may lead to menstrual cramps and mood swings. In place of drinking tinned or canned juices you have to drink fresh juices. Even it would be good for you to drink ample amount of water on daily basis. It makes you hydrated and gives way to less pain during periods.

Customer’s review for Himalaya Evecare

I am 25 year old woman and was suffering from painful periods along with some other menstruation issues. Even this problem has changed its face to partial infertility for me. Even I got 2 miscarriages. I was very low then one of my friends suggested me to use evecare and that proves wonder for me. Even using this irregular menstruation cure for 5-6 months my problem got solved. Now, I am blessed with a beautiful child. And all I can say is a big thanks to the product…Connie Lynne (US)

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