Haritaki – Terminalia Chebula For Colon Cleansing & Constipation

haritikiHaritaki; botanical name Terminalia chebula is also named as Indian Gall Nut or Black Myrobalan is described as mother of all herbs. As a mom never does any harm to her offspring similarly Haritaki will never have any side effects on the users. Are you finding answers on how to treat constipation? Know the best Home remedies for colon cleansing by consuming Sri Sri Ayurveda Haritaki.

Haritaki benefits human being in many aspects. It reduces the working of digestion system, revitalizes each and every component of the body; home remedies for colon cleansing, cleans out the needless wastes from the body; function as nervine tonic and eye sight gets better. It is said about Haritaki that there is no disease which cannot be cured with it. Haritaki is informed to be made use of in all seasons with different providers (Anupan) and it will preserve the wellness in all periods. Next important question is how to treat Constipation with haritaki. Constipation could be a really problematic or smelly problem to manage. And if you are one of those people that deal with the exact same or a comparable issue, here is some great news for you.
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It’s time to bid farewell to all those medicines and solutions that have actually fallen short to generate desirable results till now, and choose an item that will certainly and properly help you get rid of constipation and its adverse effects forever. Terminalia Chebula, is an organic, natural healthy laxative that assists perform wonders in your belly. As well as there are plenty of other products of its kind out there, with Haritaki, you have even more to acquire while having absolutely nothing to shed.

A sound colon and body purge is required in light of the fact that a filthy colon can be the consequence of you eating processed foods, eating foods that are not beneficial or having unfortunate dietary patterns. At the point when your colon can’t dispose of the toxins successfully, it moves toward becoming overburdened and toxins gather. Make sure to check the names on the bundled food things that you expend and make beyond any doubt that the fixings are all regular and that no additives are utilized on the products.

What is Sri Ayurveda Haritaki?

Colon cleansing is an awesome approach to get thinner and to get you on a way to better wellbeing. An unfortunate colon can prompt a wide range of problems you don’t need. Some conceivable problems are colon malignancy, obstruction, feeling drowsy and weight pick up. When you clean the colon you are really expelling destructive toxins and contaminations from the body. Many individuals are searching for a decent home solution for colon cleansing. Whatever home cure you use to wipe colon out you need to go for heading off to the lavatory two times each day. You additionally need to make beyond any doubt there is no stressing or agony when you go. Expending Sri Sri Ayurveda Haritaki is a key to clean the colon and know how to treat stoppage.

Health Benefits Of Terminalia Chebula

  • It has healthy, rejuvenative, purgative, laxative, astringent and completely dry properties.
  • The fruit works in lessening puffiness, accelerating the healing procedure and cleaning the lesions and wounds.
  • The paste of haritaki provides relief to the eyelids, in case of conjunctivitis.
  • Rinsing with haritaki product helps in stomatitis, oral ulcers and wound in throat.
  • It works as an excellent astringent for loosened gums, hemorrhaging and ulceration in gums.
  • The natural herb is useful in making ‘Triphala’ that is utilized in hair wash, toothpaste in illness like pyorrhea and bleeding gums.
  • It reacts well to gastrointestinal disorders, tumors, ascites, stacks, enlargement of liver-spleen, colitis and worms.
  • Regular use of its powder, fried in ghee, promotes durability and enhances strength.
  • Powdered haritaki, combined with jaggery, functions well in an episode of gout.
  • Its powder, when combined with ghee and honey, is an efficient solution for anemia.
  • Combine with sunthi powder and take with hot water to lighten hiccups and asthma.
  • The herb improves memory and is salutary in dysuria and urinary rocks.
  • Haritaki helps in improving appetite and aids in food digestion.
  • Given that it is astringent and anti-inflammatory, it is practical in treating urethral discharg like spermatorrhea and vaginal discharg like leucorrhea.

An expansive rate of the populace experiences clogging. Commonly these individuals persevere through the indications yet never explore why they experience the ill effects of it. Many individuals don’t connect their horrible eating routine to the blockage. Nourishment is passed from the little entrail to the vast gut.

When it achieves the expansive gut the colon ingests all the overabundance liquid and supplements into the body and afterward it enables the stomach related framework to remove the staying matter out through the body. Additional time the unsafe sustenances make the colon quit working appropriately thus it cannot manage the measure of liquid it retains into the body. You can also read more for Home remedies for colon cleansing.

An excess of liquid outcomes in obstruction, too little outcomes in diet! So an appropriate diet and a colon wash down are an incredible approach to enable the colon to capacity so it can control itself once more.

When you purify the colon the advantages you pick up are huge. If you don’t purify the colon you increment your danger of building up any of the illnesses and conditions related with a dangerous colon. Other colon cleansing advantages are a feeling of peace and quiet.
You feel associated with everything around you. Your eyes start to shimmer and your processing will be moved forward. You will likewise be freed of the numerous side effects you once felt when your colon was not working legitimately.

A portion of the all encompassing healers support taking just tepid water for the duration of the day as general however exceptionally viable home solution for how to treat constipation.


It is ideal to take in piles, acute constipation, abdominal pain, indigestion and flatulence.


Care must be taken while consuming Haritaki especially by pregnant women and lean individuals. Consulting a doctor is a must before you start any medicine and this one particularly should be avoided during fasting, mental depression, severe debility and conditions like vitiated pitta.

Buy Haritaki Supplements (60 Tablets)

2 Bottle $22.00 Free

3 Bottle $31.00 Free

5 Bottle $50.00 Free

10 Bottle $95.00 Free

Dosage Of Sri Sri Haritaki

It is available in different serving sizes and the standard dosage of such home remedies for colon cleansing is 1 to 2 capsules a day ideally after meals. Consult a physician for the exact dosage according to severity of the problem you are dealing with.

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