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Speman to Increase Sperm Count, increase sperm volume and Improve Sperm Motility. Speman is a product which is blend of some herbal ingredients and is helpful to promote spermatogenesis as it improves testicular, edidiymal functions and seminal vesicle too. It also increase sperm count and even improve its quality. Reason it increases the LH-FSH which increases basophil cells in the pituitary. Along with that Himalaya Speman is helpful to improve sperm motility too. Are you facing sperm motility problems? It’s now the time for you not to be stressed because Himalaya Speman is here to improve sperm motility.

Low sperm count problem comes under infertility and many people are affected by it. Production of sperm is an intricate process needing the normal working of human testicles. Due to the low sperm count, the male is unable to cause a pregnancy. The organs in the brain are also responsible for production of sperms and any problem with the supporting systems can affect the sperm production diversely.
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Sperm motility alludes to the capacity of sperms to move, conceivably toward the egg for fertilization purposes. A semen examination will show whether the sperms are healthy or not. This can be ascertained on the premise of whether sperms move or don’t move by any means. The sperms motility should be high for the sperm to swim sufficiently quick keeping in mind the end goal to treat the egg. At times, this can be low, which isn’t what couples attempting to conceive need to hear.

If the problem is affecting your life greatly, then you can use the Himalaya Speman tablets. The product comes from Himalaya herbal supplements categories and is made for naturally occurring herbs. It does supports the working and functions of the male sexual organs in order to promote the healthy sperm development. The tablets are good for improving the sexual desire and arousing you on the bed. All sorts of vitality and sperm count enhancement are provided by the product to help you from the infertility. Many doctors prescribe the Himalaya Speman tablet to increase sperm count as well as nourish the sperm quality. The product is great to improve sperm motility and increase semen volume when the person is dealing with infertility.

Benefits Of Speman

Speman is helpful to maintain the men’s reproductive health naturally. The herbs and minerals are blended together for providing best results. Tablets also encourage healthy FSH and LH hormone levels and provisions normal basophil cell levels in the pituitary glands. It helps the male sexual organs like penis, prostate, testes, seminal vesicles to work well and also gives way to production of healthy sperm, sperm motility and its health too. As an addition Himalaya Speman also helps to tone up the reproductive system of males and boosts its vivacity and gives renovation to it too. As are free from harmful effects so many of the couples can depend over it for better results. Speman acts as an aphrodisiac and boosts the libido. It also helps to lessen the prostate enlargement and allied problems. You can get maximum benefits and needn’t to take heavy dosage of chemical products.

  • The product is proven in boosting the male reproductive system and its health.
  • For maintaining the healthy sperm, it is a good choice due to being a natural product.
  • It also helps in rejuvenation and does upholds the motility of the sperm in the reproduction system.
  • The tablets are good for boosting the health performance of the male reproduction system.
  • Any sort of generalized weakness in the body can be removed by the continuous use of the product.
  • The semen is made more dense and white by using the tablets daily.
  • Right level of testosterones in the body are made as well as maintained.
  • Himalaya Speman tablets do enhance the stamina and vigor at the same time.
  • It only boosts the count of sperms, but it also increase libido.
  • Tablets do increase semen volume and sperm quality.
  • There are no side effects of the tablet and it helps the needed people the hope that they lost.

Natural treatments or remedies available

Low motility is one of the real reasons for male barrenness and can influence a man’s general wellbeing contrarily. In addition, low sperm motility additionally shows that the sperms which are created are not effective and healthy thus can’t prepare the egg. Since this is fundamental to conceiving, there are a few solutions that may improve sperm motility. Here are some natural approaches to upgrade a motility support for men.

Zinc: Zinc has been demonstrated to support motility in men. An admission of a zinc-rich diet is prescribed as an ideal approach to deliver positive outcomes. Some zinc-rich foods incorporate nuts, grains, red meat, liver, clams and other seafood.

Selenium: Selenium is a component regularly found in foods, for example, garlic, eggs, seafood and Brazil nuts. It is consumed into the body and after that used by testicles to deliver seleno-proteins, which are fundamental in the production of sperm. Consequently, a constant supply of selenium-rich foods will ensure the production of healthy sperm thereby upgrading a motility support for the benefit of the man.

L-Carnitine: Studies have shown that the consumption of this amino corrosive helps increase the production of healthy sperm. It, therefore, prompts a high sperm count and motility. L-Carnitine enhances sperm motility by exchanging fundamental fatty acids into a place where they are transformed into vitality utilized by the sperm for their long travel. L-carnitine is significantly found in lean meat and dairy products.

Vitamin E: Among different vitamins that lift sperm count, vitamin E emerges as the best one in guarding the body against free-radicals and other related flimsy substances which can damage the sperm cells and make them fixed. Men should, therefore, consume vitamin E supplements. Aside from vitamin E, vitamin B12 and C are likewise known to be powerful.

Herbs: Along with foods that can enhance a motility help in men, there are likewise some natural herbs that can increase sperm motility. Some of these herbs incorporate Suvarnavang, Kapikachchu, Vanya Kahu, Kokilaksha, Salabmisri, angle oils and Maca. Other than these, sunflower seeds and crude pumpkin have likewise been demonstrated to work. In a few occasions, low sperm motility is caused by hormonal uneven characters and changes. Such cases require medications so as to enhance sperm motility. However such events are very uncommon. Himalaya Speman is a natural Ayurvedic supplement that you can use for the treatment to increase sperm motility. It is dependably the most ideal approach to get your necessities evacuated.

Direction of Use

2 tablets of Himalaya Speman can be taken daily for 2-3 months. You can take one in the morning and other at night before going to bed. In the starting one should follow this by a reduced maintenance dose. Natural herbs with which the product is made help the body to increase sperm count and improve sperm motility and also have no side effects.

Ingredients Of Speman

Each tablet of speman have Kapikachchhu (mucuna pruriens) 32 mg, Pdrs. Salabmisri (orchis mascula) 130 mg, vanya kahu (lactuca scariola Syn. L. serriola) 32 mg, kokilaksha (hygrophila auriculata Syn. Asteracantha longifolia) 64 mg and Suvarnavang (mosaic gold about 32 mg. There are some extra compounds found in the tablet and these are Jeevanti (Leptadenia reticulate) 64 mg, Vriddadaru (Argyreia speciosa Syn. A. nervosa) 64 mg, Shaileyam (Parmelia perlata) 32 mg and Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris) 64 mg.

Therapeutic Usage Of Speman

Himalaya Speman is helpful to expand the motility along with morphology of the sperms and even different users put their confirmation stamp over that. Some of the homegrown drugs are blended together to create this product. This is helpful to tone the system, work as restorative and nerve tonic and also improves the general vitality. It effects the powerful contraction of seminal vesicles which are helpful to complete evacuation and it increase the quantity of semen ejaculated. This is a drug which is helpful in clinical condition.

Diet Recommendations

Some of the minerals and vitamins are helpful to increase male fertility. It even produces and maintains the healthy sperm. Experts suggests that you have to eat antioxidant rich diet as is very effective in increasing sperm count and so enhance male fertility. Vitamin E, C, coenzyme Q10 and glutathione are also helpful for improving sperm motility. Try to have colorful diet means a diet having whole grains, lean proteins and low fat dairy products. All the elements are essential for increase sperm count. Choose multivitamin diet with zinc, folate and selenium for increasing fertility.

Lifestyle change Recommendations

We in our daily routine has some habits, requirements or even choice of dress that may cause physical inferences with male fertility. You are suggested to avoid wearing restricted clothes. Tight pants and undergarments swim spandex materials and harness gets restricts the circulation of blood to the groin area and it can put bad effects over male fertility. It also less the sperm count and weaken the quality of it. Exposure to heavy metals, X-rays or radiations and even pesticides can decree the sperm count and causes infertility in men. Sitting in hot or sauna bath tubs provides heat to the genital area which also can put bad effect over sperm count. So, avoid the situations, so that you can maintain the health of sperm.


You should maintain distance from alcohols, red meats, junk foods and heavy foods if you want to get quick and effect results. Smoking is also not good for you. Stress is a culprit which not only damages your sexual health but high levels of stress can cause changes in hormones which directly effects sperm production and motility too. Manage your weight as most of the overweight or obese men face infertility.

Dosage Of Speman

The tablets come in the iconic green and white bottle that is the trademark of Himalaya product range. There are about 60 tablets in the bottle and the total weight of the bottle is about 200mg. The product does comes in the renowned range of the Himalaya Drug Company and is based on the herbal formula of Ayurveda.

Speman tablets must be taken about two or three times in a day and the person must take two tablets every time. The tablets can be taken with a glass full of water or milk as preferred. You can also consult about the consumption with the doctor if you want to decrease the dosage over time. Any male can do use with the worry of side effects as it is a natural product.

Home Remedies

Shilajit, Kohinoor gold and ashwagandha are some of the ever known names of herbs which can deal with low sperm count and infertility. All these are been used from years for the betterment of men’s sexual health. Also, ashwagandha is a sexual ability premotor and so helps to increase endurance and make you capable to last long in bed. It also have unique constituent that helps to suppress vata dominated diseases and so is a painkiller and health supplement too.

What’s the Concept Behind Himalaya Speman?

As we all know today our life is so fast and in this very fast life we have to go through many circumstances and these circumstances give way to stress. Due to stress, wrong eating habits and wrong lifestyle, infertility is taking place in so many men. Thus, just to help them the product was created. Even now this product is helpful so many people around the world. I think it costs not much if you had two tablets a day and have a healthy sexual life.

Advantages of taking the remedies

  1. Every day supplement use with a healthy diet will go a long path in expanding the nature of sperm you deliver.
  2. They will likewise improve sperm motility delivered.
  3. The outcomes you are looking for won’t occur incidentally from taking sperm improvement pills.
  4. However you will probably start to get comes about after a couple of months of day by day utilization.

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Consultations with your doctor about Himalaya Speman with which you can increase sperm count are additionally accessible. In addition, the imperative factor is to attempt and keep up great wellbeing while tending to the main driver of low sperm motility.


You can easily follow the instructions provided on the package for better results that may allow you to get the needs. However, do consult a physician for extra consumption. The medicine is strictly for adults and not to be consumed by children in order to avoid the side effects.

What are Customers’ Reviews about Himalaya speman?

I was very sad 2 years back when even after 3 years of married life I was unable to be a father. Then one of my friends tells me to use Himalaya SpemanI am using the speman from now and even after using that for 3-6 months I found healthy sperm and even the sperm motility was also good. Now, I have a 6 months old child and we are very happy. Thank you Himalaya Speman….David Beckham (USA)

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