Charak Vigoroll Jelly – Lack Of Energy Treatment

charak vigoroll jellyIf we consider our body as the precious pearl, then the immune system is the shell protecting it against all kinds of infections and harmful invaders. Have you ever thought what can go wrong if your immune system shatters? Without it, one will get sick of viruses and bacteria, frequently.

Do you get sick often? Well, there are chances that you have a weak immune system. If you are born with a weak immune system, that’s a separate issue. But there are certain things that weaken our immune system. A person’s emotional state, dietary habits, lifestyle, stress, anxiety, lack of nutrients in the body, etc., are the main factors determining whether a person’s immune system is high or low. If your immune system is low then you should consume Charak’s Vigoroll Jelly. It is an invigorating, rejuvenating and revitalizing tonic of Ayurveda that fights with the immune system disorders symptoms, enhancing the immune system of the body.
But how can one understand that his immune system is weak?

  • Do catch cold and cough easily?
  • Do you suffer from chronic infections?
  • Do you get frequent genital herpes?
  • Do you suffer from sore and swollen lymph glands frequently?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to these questions, then be sure, your immune system is weak and it needs a boost.

Charak Vigoroll Jelly is a complete package of good nutrients, restores the feeling of well-being. Thus, it doesn’t only enhance the immune system but also comes with health maintain wellness tips.
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Benefits Of Charak Vigoroll Jelly

  1. Vigoroll Jelly consists of natural and herbal ingredients that help to sustain the immune system of our body. A daily consumption of this medicine helps to recover immune system disorders symptoms. A regular intake of this will protect you from bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungus, etc. that cause major infections to our body.
  2. It provides the nutrients to the body, restoring the energy level. If you need a lack of energy treatment, then consume this medicine.
  3. It relieves pain, inflammations, and other symptoms related to osteoarthritis.
  4. The natural healing properties of this medicine heal wounds dramatically.
  5. It is a complete nutritional package for the people suffering from convalescing.
  6. If you are suffering from chronic fatigue, consume this medicine.

Ingredients Of Charak Vigoroll Jelly

This medicine contains natural ingredients like Amalaki Topical, Anacyclus Pyrethrum Topical, Chitrak Topical, Guduchi Topical, Pippali Topical, and Shunthi Topical as active ingredients. As you see, it is a completely herbal medicine, free from any side effects. You can consume this medicine without any worries.

What are the indications of Vigoroll Jelly?

Following are the certain health conditions, to that this Charak medicine can be recommended:

  1. Scabies
  2. Weak immunity
  3. Lack of energy
  4. Infections
  5. Pain
  6. Osteoarthritis
  7. Inflammation
  8. Urticaria
  9. Wounds

Buy Charak Vigoroll Jelly 450 gm

1 Bottle $20.95 Free Shipping

2 Bottle $37.95 Free Shipping

3 Bottle $54.95 Free Shipping

Dosage Of Charak Vigoroll Jelly

15gms. twice a day.

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