Femiforte – a powerful female tonic

FemiforteFor Leucorrhea, vaginal discharge, vaginal irritation. Femiforte is a powerful female tonic that helps in the treatment of urinary & genital tract infection in females. This tract is susceptible to different diseases caused due to infections and hormonal changes. Femi forte helps in toning up body of the females and also helps in regularizing secretion of hormones thereby reducing the chances of infection in the vaginal area.

Females face different types of vaginal problems e.g. white discharge, abnormal discharge, uterine bleeding etc. Femiforte is a natural herb that can cure all types of vaginal problems. Vagina is one of the most important and sensitive organs of the female body. It links female body and the outer part of the uterus. This is the organ that helps in intercourse and help females to conceive. Vagina plays very important role in reproduction. To help the proper functioning of sexual intercourse, menstruation etc, it is important that vagina is healthy and free from any infection. Vagina is linked with fallopian tubes, ovaries and uterus. In case, there is an abnormality in the functioning of vagina, it could lead to serious health consequences. Vagina is responsible for maintaining PH balance of female body and also helps the body to protect from external infections. Natural discharge comes out from vagina but some females do have abnormal discharge of vagina and it should be taken up seriously.
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Health benefits

Femiforte is made with varieties of natural components which when used helps in providing a relieving effect in vagina and other parts. Any vaginal problem which may occur due to fungus infection, urinary tract infection, using perfumes or soaps or any medicine can get relieved by this naturally made drug Femi forte. Vaginal irritation or itching could also happen due to unhygienic condition of vagina or when the person is suffering from any sexually transmitted disease.

The various infections that occur in the female genital tract may lead to long term disease called vaginitis if not treated in time. When femiforte is used regularly, it helps in treating all types of vaginal infections. During pregnancy also, this drug could be used safely and it is very effective too. This drug is made of natural ingredients like Saraca Indica, Berberis Aristata, and Tinospora Cordifolia. These ingredients can effectively heal any internal injury or abnormality and helps the females to have a healthy sexual life. With healthy sexual life females have peace of mind and this drug also helps in retaining sexual desire in women.

When any abnormality happens in vagina, following are the symptoms-
  • Foul smelling discharge
  • Continuous vaginal discharge
  • White color discharge which is also called Leucorrhea.
  • Vaginal itching or vaginal irritation which may happen continuously
  • Feeling of uneasiness in the vaginal area
  • Always feeling wetness in the vaginal area

Femiforte is prescribed when there is abnormal or excessive vaginal discharge.


As Femiforte is made up of different types of natural herbs, it does not have any side effect. So far, no contradictions with other medicines have been found also.

Buy Femiforte (1 Pack = 30 Tablets)

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One capsule has to be taken twice daily or as directed by physicians.

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