Divya Hridayamrita Vati For Heart Problems

Divya Hridyamrit VatiFor heart problems. A huge number of young people is suffering from heart problems and it can be due to anything like bad habits of lifestyle, irregular eating habits and lack of exercises. Divya hridyamrit vati is helpful way to create a protection sheet against the harmful elements for heart. It works like one of the best natural remedies for heart and so the heart remains healthy. It helps to keep you fit and active, so, you will be away from cardio problems.


Divya Hridyamrit vati is a product that is wonderful heart disease herbal treatment and also it keeps the heart prevented from heart problems. It gives strength to muscles of heart and so beneficial to treat heart related problems. It gives way to proper circulation of blood through the body. Also, the product is known as cure for Hyperlipidaemia. Kidney works well if you are regular user of the same. Its ingredients are helpful to control cholesterol level in better way. If you are taking the product at the early age then it fights with fat deposition and dissolves arterial blockages. It lowers down the cholesterol level in the body saves it from Hyperlipidaemia as it always keeps a check to it.
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Ingredients list

The main ingredients of the products includes punarnava, amrita, arjuna, ashwagandha, rasna, nirgundi, musta (nagar motha), citraka, hiraka bhasma, akika pishti, shringa, guggulu, sange yashada pishti, rajata bhasma, mukta pishti and shilajit sat etc. some of the ingredients like amrita, ashwagandha, arjuna and punarnava are meant to support cardiac muscles and boost heart capillaries which can give way to better capabilities of blood pumping. It is wonderful way for preventing heart diseases. It also increases the blood supply to organs which are in prime condition.

Therapeutic Uses

Divya Hridyamrit Vati is well known natural remedies for heart. Even if you have started taking it at earlier stage and taking it regularly then can work as heart disease herbal treatment. It avoids the blockages of the arteries of the heart. Along with that it is a multi-beneficial product and some of the important ones include its ability to control cholesterol level in the body. It also removes the palpitation and uneasiness. It avoids the condition of high cholesterol level. If you are having pain in angina and usage of product can quickly provide you relief.

If you are patient of hyperlipidaemia then regular intake of product can lessen the levels of lipid. Whenever you have gone from any heart related problems or heart surgery, it becomes very weak but the product is capable to make it healthy as well as normal. After removal of heart blockage, the health of the same goes very low but the target of the product is maintenance and health of the same. The herbal product activates the inactive capillaries of heart and so the heart can now work with more efficiency. It works on the formula that it keeps the high in the rate of blood perfusion to the different organs in the body so, efficacy is the reward.

Mode of Administration and how long to take it?

This product will work effectively if you have taken this once in morning and another in evening with lukewarm water as it is required for the decoction of Arjuna bark. You are suggested to take 1-2 tablets in a day. You can use the product on regularly daily basis as it would give power to cardiac muscles along with circulatory system. Reason it is helpful to remove the factors that are responsible for giving way to cardiac problems.


It is suggested to patients who are taking allopathic medicines already that they have to decide the dosage after consulting with the physician. He will lessen the allopathic dose slowly and gradually increase the amount of herbal supplement.

Dietary precautions

Dietary issues also put effects over the heart health as preventing heart diseases. A heart patient should take care of the things to save themselves from any further issue. Increased amount of salt intake is like curse for your heart as it may raise blood pressure. So, lessen its amount in your food. Fried and fatty foods are not good for them those who look to control cholesterol level. In place of these foods the patients are suggested to take green vegetables and fresh fruits in their diet. Also, these items are loaded with good amount of vitamins and minerals to get better immunity that is required for prevention of heart related problems.

Additional benefits

Hriyamrit vati is a finest one from the natural remedies for heart. You can also rely upon the safety ideas of the products. As the ingredients list includes only herbal products so you should not fear of getting any side effects. This heart disease herbal treatment is a great way for heart muscles strength and also gives way to normal functioning of it. You needn’t to try any other conventional remedies along with that. Even early usage of it can save from complications. It nourishes the heart muscles. And boost up the immunity too.

Its power is so much that it can save you from any cardiac surgery. So, people after forty should definitely rely upon it as it is best heart disease herbal treatment. The product is good idea to treat chronic heart problems. The working area of the same is even very vast as it is able to preventing heart problems like coronary heart disease, angina, myocardial infarction and vulvar heart disease. It avoids the symptoms for the same too.

Buy Divya Hridaymitra Vati (40 gm)

1 Bottle $17.00 Free

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3 Bottle $47.00 Free

5 Bottle + 1 Bottle Free $80.00 Free

Customer’s review about the product

I am 45 years old women. I was having heart problems since last 3 years. Then my physician suggested me to take Divya Hridyamrit Vati as it is reliever of heart related symptoms too. Even I have been taking that from then to present and I am free from any kind of heart related issue. Even my friend is taking the same but she has started taking the same even there was no presence of heart issues but this product has worked like precautionary measure for the heart issues…patrick mseteka(Australia)

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