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Nav Paurush CapsuleNav Paurush Capsule is a wonder product that is known to be the best weight gainer and an ideal solution for thin, lean and feeble people who are unable to get the ideal physique despite of their healthy diet and lifestyle. There are times when physical and mental labour makes you feel tiresome and dullness. You are unable to take up daily activities even after the slightest exertion, there is dryness on the skin, you feel aged; have hollowness and dark circles around the eye, constant weight loss, blurred vision and giddiness which are the signs of weakness. This usually happens when the body is not able to extract all the nutrients from the diet and results in various related complications.

Today when everyone is dealing with weight loss problems, there is not everyone who is happy to see the number going down on the weighing scale. Having a perfect physique is not just about having the right height and weight but also about being healthy. If you are skinny or feeble then eating junk or just anything is not the right way to gain weight. Choosing the right supplements for weight gain is the biggest question today and this product is the perfect solution to all your troubles.

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Reasons to choose Nav Paurush Capsule

The best weight gainer capsule is made of natural herbs that work on the parts used in digestion. It keeps your stomach, intestine and liver healthy that maintains its proper functioning. Regular use of the capsule improves food intake and hence increase in weight. It is important that you have a strong metabolism and that is what Nav paurush does to your body. This is an amazing weight gain formula that keeps you fit with its balanced formulation and the end results are good physique.

It is ideal for both men and women; children can even consume it for increase appetite, stamina, haemoglobin level and weight. It does a lot more than any other weight gain formula, keeping fit and healthy is a dream for all and the capsule delivers exactly the same. It is a complete package that works on each and every part of your body and has no side effects.

Advantages of using Nav Paurush Capsule

  • It stimulates the functioning of the liver
  • Improves the secretion of bile which is necessary for digestion of food
  • Removes constipation
  • Ensures better digestion, improves appetite and offers better assimilation
  • It works on the overall body and you get good results in the activity of the liver, kidney and the heart.
  • Helps students reduce headache and improves memory.

Dosage Of Nav Paurush

Consume one capsule before and one after breakfast, similarly one before and after dinner. Take it with either juice or milk or as advised by your physician. It comes in a packing of 15 capsules x 4 strips, you can start with a single package and see very good results.

Precaution when taking these capsules

Here are some of the precautions that you need to follow or take into consideration when consuming supplements for weight gain

  1. Taking the capsule along with other supplement might cause allergy. So consult a physician before starting the dose.
  2. Consume dairy products such as milk, curd or paneer during the course.
  3. Stop taking the medicine if there are signs of allergy
  4. Drinking and smoking is prohibited when taking Nav Paurush Capsule.

If you are tired of being skinny and nothing works for you no matter how good diet you take then you must give this a try. There are various supplements for weight gain but this one is a true blend of nature and science. Developed in state of art facilities, it meets all the international standards of a weight gainer. This ayurvedic medicine works naturally on the body that helps you get the right amount of calories from no matter what you eat and helps in muscle building, increases energy and improves your overall personality. Get started today and see a complete transformation in your body.

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