Neem – Natural Blood Purifier

Himalaya NeemBitter Neem for Better Health. Neem has multifarious usages that no other herbs can compete with it. It grows in Indian subcontinent and many other countries like Philippines and Iran. It has different names in different languages. The importance of Neem has been known from time immemorial. The curing powers of Neem have been found in ancient Sanskrit writings. It has quite a great value in Indian Ayurveda. Neem leaves, barks, stem and root have their usefulness in their own way. Neem leaves are antiseptic and the cool bitter and refrigerant barks are substitute of toothpaste to many people.

Latin Name : Azadirachta indica
English Name / Common Name : Neem
Sanskrit / Indian Name : Nimba
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Neem is an extremely popular and surely understood herb. It is a tree which belongs to the mahogany family Meliaceae. Since ancient circumstances, a considerable measure of regard has been given to this fabulous tree, especially in the Indian culture. Although this tree is famous for a ton of qualities that it has, however it’s most noticeable attribute is its medicinal value. Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medical science, has made utilization of this majestic herb for curing innumerable diseases. One may get astounded by knowing the amazing advantages of this magnificent medicinal herb neem. This tree is beneficial for human health, as well as extremely advantageous from the ecological balance perspective.Moreover, the product, Himalaya Neem acts as a natural ayurvedic blood purifier.

Health Benefits Of Neem

It is an Ayurvedic blood purifier. The National Institute of health has produced encouraging results in using Neem as a prevention of AIDS. Neem leave extracts or Neem tea is proved to be AIDS curing by professionally administered experiments. Studies in 1993 and 1994 showed Neem’s ability to protect from vaginal contraction of the disease. It inhibits modulating Polysaccharide compounds which increase antibody production. It works effectively in controlling glucose level in our blood. It also purifies and revitalizes blood. It reduces upto 50% of insulin requirements in our body which is good for diabetic patients. Neem relieves the pain of Arthritis. It does not affect stomach unlike other pain killers. Actually it helps to create a balance in our immune system which checks the progression of Arthritis. So, it also looks after our stomach and liver. In ancient times, Charaka, Indian physician, Gave detailed procedure to use Neem oil to control birth. So, it also has contribution in a present day problem, that is, to control over population. Neem can be used as contraceptive for women. In Madagascar, women chew a handful of Neem leaves everyday to avoid unwanted pregnancies. It also induces miscarriages according to the studies. Since Thousand of years Neem has been used for curing tumors. Cancer is a fatal disease and Neem also has an answer to it. It prevents adhesion of cancer cells to other cells which stop spreading of cancer and becomes easily destroyable. Neem has been noticeably remarkable with skin cancers. People in India have been using Neem twigs as toothbrushes for centuries. The extract cures dental problems, gum infections and improves gum teeth relation. Neem is most effective in skin problems. Neem is toxic to several fungi that attack human skins. Neem leaves and oil contain antibacterial properties which are highly effective in treating epidermal conditions such as acne, psoriasis, eczema and many others. Major causes of heart attack include high cholesterol, blood clots which are checked by Neem too. In this way Neem also plays an eminent part in heart diseases. Last but not the least Neem extracts are gastrointestinal which means it is also effective in healing ulcers.

Advantages of Using Himalaya Neem

Diabetes: Neem or margosa has been found to decrease insulin and also increase blood glucose level.
Heart and Blood: Modern review showed that a Neem treatment lowered elevated cholesterol levels. It has also been tried, with great outcomes, for other heart
conditions with gastrointestinal benefits.

Bugs: Neem is an exceptionally effectual creepy crawly repellent, without being toxic to pets and humans.

Hair care: One of the key things they need the Himalaya Neem benefits upon is just one of the best things that you can easily get.

Neem sticks (datun) have been utilized as a part of India for long. They are known for brightening teeth, reinforcing gums, and rousing breath. Neem toothpaste is the modernized type of that same stick. Our ancestors had lived long and healthy lives because of their healthy eating habits and the regular utilization of medicinal herbs like neem. Neem oil is famous for curing skin diseases, assuaging joint pains, and making the bones strong. Similarly, the tea made from this herb is known for soothing stress and rejuvenation; neem soap eliminates germs; and its tablets, powders, and gels fill a large number of needs. Along these lines, this ancient Indian herb has now get transformed into various items with the passage of time.

Neem helps in curing diseases, as well as furnishes us with the quality of battling diseases by enhancing our immunity. There are various other valuable neem items available at present. The correct place for getting thorough information about this fabulous herb and its advantages, and for accessing reliable manufacturers and providers of neem items is Neem Products Marketplace, so one of the biggest things that you can do is just get the best benefits from Himalaya Neem.

What is Himalaya Neem?

Himalaya Neem act as anti bacterial, anti parasitic, anti fungal, anti protozoal and also as an anti viral in this way helps in getting the best results for your needs. Local application of Himalaya Neem or neem oil has miraculous outcomes for the treatment of skin care.


  • Pimples
  • Skin rashes, irritation, allergies
  • Low sugar level


Be sure by a doctor first that you have the disease which makes to take Himalaya Neem. Do not overdose. Before taking this medicine or any other medicine please consult with a general physician.

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Dosage Of Neem

One capsule, twice a day or take as directed by your doctor.

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