Stherb Night Cream

St.herb Night CreamSt herb Night Cream is a powerful product to be used at night to rejuvenate our skin. Similar to the skin protection offered by a day cream, a night cream can help in the restoration of our skin cells. Night is the time when our skin tissues undergo a process of regeneration, which helps in the repairing of the damaged skin cells as well as the creation of new cells. A night cream can give the necessary hydration to our skin that makes the regeneration process much easier. This is an effective revitalizing skin care product prepared from a combination of natural herbs with latest technology and can help the skin to retain its elasticity and smoothness. It helps in the restructuring of the skin condition by maintaining the collagen level in the skin. Wrinkles will get visible only in a dry skin. But once your skin is moisturized, the wrinkles will disappear. St herb Night Cream is a moisturizing skin cream possess qualities to minimize wrinkles.

Health Benefits

St herb Night Cream can offer best skin protection as it is anti aging. It contains extracts from powerful herbs which provides necessary nutrition to our skin and will slow down the skin aging process. Skin aging is caused due to decreased collagen, a necessary protein helps to retain the youthful look. It can specially treat a damaged skin caused by sun heat. It can treat a dry skin by giving the proper moisturizing effect which helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. It has natural ingredients like Pueraria Mirifica, Mulberry root extract, Aloe Barbedensis and Licorice etc. tropical herb extracts. These herbs can help to regain the life of dead skin cells. Puraria mirifica is a Thai herb that improves blood flow to the dead skin cells in our face. It also acts as an antioxidants which can combat the effects of harmful UV rays, pollution and other chemicals in the skin. Together, it provides the necessary vitamins to the skin cells to prevent them from further damage. All the herbs have powerful rejuvenating effect on the skin and one can see the effect within a couple of days.

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After the age of 40, the natural regenerative process of skin becomes slower. It makes the skin dry, as a result, wrinkles start to appear. The skin becomes loose as well as flaky. But this night cream is highly effective as it has such powerful extracts which protect the skin by maintaining the necessary collagen level in the skin and slow down the skin aging process. It provides necessary vitamins which nourish our skin cells and make them active. It is a great remedy for skin dryness and help to reduce wrinkles.


Everyone, both men and women can use this product, but it is not recommended for children under 2 years of age and those who are allergic.


It is a moisturizing skin product prescribed to be used at night before going to bed. Make your face clean and apply the product all over on your face and neck. Massage the areas for some minutes to let the creams fully absorbed into your skin. Massage your skin regularly for two weeks and see the result. It will protect any degeneration of your skin, similar to the skin protection offered by a day cream. Your skin will be all healthy looking.

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