We experience different kinds of physical and mental ailments all through our life. Cold or heat, pain or numbness, something or the other keeps making us feel sick. While some ailments are very temporary and gets kicked off with short term medications, some ailments operate from our inside causing damage which is permanent in nature. Bone health is an area of concern when it comes to silent damage happening inside the body. Bones experience severe wear and tear and lose tissues constantly. When tissues are lost bones become brittle and pose a huge risk of breaking. Osteoporosis is one such bone related ailment which is caused due to tissue loss. Let us have a look at some home remedies for Osteoporosis.

What is Osteoporosis?

A patient is said to be suffering from Osteoporosis when his bones become either due deficiencies in nutrients like Vitamin D or Calcium. Bone tissues are lost also because of hormonal fluctuations caused in the body. Osteoporosis is a medical condition that plagues people as a process of ageing. It is a condition that occurs in people weakening them with the passing time. The following home remedies will let us understand as to how to cure Osteoporosis.

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Home remedies for Osteoporosis

1. Tofu
Soy is abundantly rich in Phytoestrogens. The function of Phytoestrogens is very similar to Estrogens found in women. Similar to the functioning of Estrogens which balances hormones in women, Phytoestrogens helps maintain the hormones at required levels acting as the reason for treating Osteoporosis. Phytoestrogens helps in increasing the density of bones so Osteoporosis is not caused in men and women.

2. Avoid losing weight excessively
Losing weight unnecessarily is directly associated with faster degradation of bones. Bones become weaker as you try to get a zero size by means of dieting or other ways. Maintain a balanced weight so your bones are well taken care of to avoid Osteoporosis.

3. Smokers are prone to Osteoporosis
When one indulges in smoking the Carcinogens that are produced in the body cause many kind of disease that is chronic in nature. Smoking directly has an impact on the bones and causes havoc to the bone density levels. It creates many Osteoporosis symptoms. Quit smoking to avoid getting affected from Osteoporosis.

4. Red clover is a good remedy
The properties of Red clover are very similar to that of Estrogen in women. Red Clover is known for its capabilities to balance hormone levels. Consult a qualified natural medicine practitioner and add Red Clover to your food as recommended by the Doctor to get rid of Osteoporosis.

5. Eat Salmon Fish
Salmon Fish which provides feast to the taste buds is abundantly rich in Omega 3 Fatty acids, Vitamin D and Calcium, all of which are crucial for bone health in men and women. Consume Salmon regularly to main good bone density which will automatically keep Osteoporosis away from you.

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