Patanjali Apple Murabba

patanjali apple murabbaAlso defined as Patanjali Apple Murabba, Patanjali seb jam is available in 1 kg pack, and best suited for adding new meaning to your taste palette. This is a perfect product, known for its anti-oxidant features. It is a perfect addition to your health and defined to be a proprietary medicine. This is an Ayurvedic medication, which is not just healthy but tasty, at the same time. It has a sweet taste of finest apple, as chosen from the best organic farms.

Other than apple, this jam comprises of sugar in proportionate level. The main sweetness comes from the apple only, and the sugar content is quite low. So, even if you have diabetes, adding this Patanjali herbal ayurvedic medicine will not add any issues to your health.

Benefits Patanjali Apple Murabba

Before you proceed further and invest money for Patanjali seb jam, be sure of the benefits revolving around it. This jam is the finest example of a great addition to your food and even to your physical health.

  • As mentioned already, this jam is full of antioxidant. Therefore, it is great for your body, and it is used to relieve it from all the harmful toxin incorporations.
  • In case, you are suffering from anemia or low blood count; this apple jam is a great addition to it. It helps in proper growth of blood count cells within few days’ time.
  • With the help of this product, you can even add strength to your brain and heart. It is more like a medicated herbal product, which will accentuate the current value of your item.

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Advantages Of Patanjali Apple Murabba

Apple is known for keeping your entire oral cavity healthy. So, having this seb jam on a daily basis might help you in the most promising manner. In case, you are suffering from teeth decay or bone diseases, try adding this jam in your diet plan. Even though it has sugar content in it, still the amount is towards the lower side. The sweetness you will feel is straight from the apple pulp and not due to the addition of sugar. Sometimes, this jam is recommended by most of the ayurvedic doctors to those patients, suffering from extreme joint pain. This is the most promising non-medicated item and a tasty one too, for relieving you from excruciating joint pain.

Add it to any meal

You have the liberty to have this apple jam with any meal course. It is available in a 1 kg pack, and well-sealed to retain the freshness of the product for long. Remember to check the manufacturing and expiry date at the side of the jar, before purchasing one. The products can be consumed daily, and try to keep it away from direct sun rays. Following these points will help your jam to last long.

Buy Patanjali Apple Murabba (1 kg)

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Dosage of Patanjali Apple Murabba

There is no such dosage associated with Patanjali seb jam. However, you can have 20 to 30gm of this jam twice, on a daily basis. Or, you might want to take help of medical supervision for correct dosage requirements.

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