Tulsi Holy Basil To Boost Immune System

tulasiTo Boost Immune System, Remedies for Common Cold and Fever. Tulsi is also called as holy basil is used in every Indian home for the treatment of many diseases. Many Indian homes regard tulsi as a sacred plant and worship it every day. Traditionally, tulsi has been used since ages for the treatment of respiratory diseases. Himalaya tulsi is prepared by using the extracts from tulsi and is one of the best remedies for common cold. This holy basil is a natural remedy for cough and also helps to boost immune system. Tulsi is regarding as one of the best immune boosters that naturally help to strengthen the immunity of the body and prevent against harmful diseases of the respiratory system. This herbal remedy also helps to control fever associated with the common cold. There are different remedies for common cold but tulsi is an ancient herb which is used to boost immune system and is an excellent natural remedy for cough. Holy basil has been used for controlling any type of fever without producing any side effects. This natural remedy for cough gives soothing relief to the throat and helps in the treatment of common cold. It is also an excellent remedy for the treatment of other respiratory diseases such as asthma and bronchitis. It helps to reduce the inflammation of the chest and helps to expectorate the mucus without applying much force. This gives best treatment for cold and cough associated with fever. People who suffer from recurrent infections of the respiratory tract should take this herbal remedy for boosting up the immune system and getting relief from cough and cold. Holy basil or tulsi is a well known herb used in Indian homes to treat chronic cough and other respiratory infections. Are you looking for the remedies for common cold? Himalaya Tulsi acts as the perfect natural remedy for cough along with the essential immune boosters. Prepared with holy basil leaves, it acts actively to boost immune system along with treating fever.
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Holy basil, also known as tulsi, is exceedingly regarded as a calming herb and is broadly utilized as a part of India for its anti-stress properties. When we are stressed our bodies respond particularly; this response is called battle or flight and it is caused by a surge of the hormone cortisol. Be that as it may, too much stress can generate too much cortisol, and cortisol in high amounts can have a genuinely negative impact on your body as well as your temperament, behavior, and feeling of prosperity. This can thusly lead to more stress, and significantly more cortisol. It is really an endless loop.

What is Himalaya Tulsi?

The Himalaya Tulsi is made up with an ancient herb with assorted healing properties, Holy basil is accepted to be an adaptogen which balances and tones the vigorous “Chakra” system of the human body. Primarily utilized as a part of herbal prescriptions to treat bronchial inconvenience, the herb is accepted to advance the prosperity of the lungs, throat and trunk. Known to be a skin rasayana, herb is packed with vitamin C, carotene, calcium and phosphorus and keeps the skin glowing and supple.

Health benefits of Himalaya tulsi

  • Himalaya tulsi consists of extracts of tulsi that is one of the best natural remedies for common cold. People who have weak immunity and suffer from recurrent attacks of cold and cough should take Himalaya basil everyday to boost up immunity and prevent recurrent attacks. Himalaya tulsi is one of the best natural remedy for cough. It is recommended for fever of every type and gives soothing relief to the throat.
  • It helps in the easy expectoration of the mucus from the chest thus giving relief from chronic cough. Tulsi is a best common cold remedy that gives relief from sneezing and headache associated with cold. It also brings down the fever and helps naturally to relieve the symptoms of respiratory infection.
  • Tulsi is an herbal remedy that is also recommended for all types of respiratory diseases such as asthma and bronchitis. People suffering from recurrent attacks of asthma and bronchitis should drink tulsi tea or take Himalaya tulsi to get relief from cough and cold.
  • Himalaya tulsi may be taken every day for boosting immunity. People with low immunity feel weak and they may suffer from recurrent infections. Tulsi is a popular herb that is used to boost up the immunity and prevent respiratory infections.
  • Tulsi also consists of natural anti-oxidants that help to destroy the disease causing free radicals in the body. Thus, tulsi is an important herb for reducing the production of free radicals and for boosting the immunity of the body to fight against several diseases.
  • Tulsi is also an important herb for stomach infections. It is recommended for digestive disorders of different types. It increases the digestive process and also the appetite. It is an excellent herb for heartburn and indigestion.
  • Tulsi enhances the body’s immunity and prevent recurrent stomach infections. It stimulates liver cells to increase the appetite and give quick relief from cirrhosis and other infections of the liver.

Advantages of Himalaya tulsi

  1. The most important benefit of Himalaya tulsi is that it is a natural herb and does not produce any side effects even if taken every day for respiratory infections.
  2. It may be given to people of all ages; it is absolutely natural and safe and does not produce any harmful effects on other parts of the body.
  3. Regular intake of Himalaya tulsi boosts up the immunity naturally and helps to prevent recurrent infections in any part of the body.
  4. Children who suffer from recurrent cold and cough may take Himalaya tulsi to boost up immunity and to prevent recurrent cold and cough attacks.
  5. It is an excellent remedy for hay fever. People who suffer from cold and sneezing during hay season may take this remedy to prevent attacks of flu like symptoms.
  6. You may take this herbal remedy along with other prescription remedies and there are no interactions of this remedy with other drugs.
  7. It may taken regularly and long term intake of Himalaya tulsi does not harm any other parts of the body and give strength to the body cells to fight against several attacks of diseases. It prevents infectious diseases by boosting immunity.
  8.  Immunity enhancer – Tulsi is exceptionally useful in increasing the immune boosters of the body. It helps in advancing the production of antibodies, in case of any outside invasion in the body as it helps to boost immune system. It also helps in increasing the production of T assistant cells that battle infections and antigens.
  9. Nervine debility – it is an effective nervine tonic. It reinforces the sensory system and aides in controlling all the activities of the body that is controlled by our sensory system. Disease like paralysis and Parkinson can be treated with the correct usage of this herb. It enhances the functioning of brain and increases the mental concentration.
  10. Fever and cold – sacred basil is useful in maintaining the body temperature to the normal. It is also compelling in treating the influenza i.e. common cold. As we realize that cold is caused because of infection in our body. It helps in avoiding the fever and also increases the inward quality of our body to tackle the infections minus all potential limitations. Biting Tulsi leaves is useful in assuaging from cold and vent.
  11. Cough – Tulsi or the Holy basil is one of the most common herbs utilized as a part of hack related remedies. It mitigates the throat and also helps in checking the infection in the throat and respiratory tract. It also exceptionally successful in treating the asthma and is know to give great outcomes in asthmatic conditions and acts as natural remedy for cough. It helps in ousting out the bodily fluid to clean up the respiratory tract. It also helps in treating bronchitis and other respiratory issue. It also acts as remedies for common cold.


  • It is indicated for recurrent attacks of respiratory infection.
  • It is indicated for recurrent cold and cough.
  • It is indicated for fever of any type.
  • It is indicated for stomach infections.
  • It is indicated for liver infections.
  • It is indicated for boosting immune system.
  • It is indicated for asthma, bronchitis and emphysema.

FAQs for Himalaya tulsi

Q. 1 Are there any side effects of taking this product regularly?

A. There is no side effects of taking product regularly for a long time. It is absolutely natural and safe remedy.

Q.2 What are the contraindications for taking this product?

A. There are no contraindications for this product as it is absolutely herbal and natural remedy

Q. 3 Can I give this remedy to children below ten years of age?

A. Yes, it may be given to children below ten years of age for boosting immunity and preventing recurrent respiratory infections.

Q. 4 Is it safe to take other prescription remedies along with this product?

A. Yes, you may take other prescription remedies along with this product. There is no interaction of this herb with any other medicines.

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