V Gel 30 Gm

Himalaya V-Gel Today, parasitic vaginal infection is a basic problem among males and females. Infections, yeast or microorganisms or from disturbances from chemicals present in splashes and creams or even the garments that has a contact with that zone, and so on can be a few reasons for this contamination. Vaginitis happens from a living being that is passed amongst sexual accomplices and here and there can make tingling, aggravation or fungal yeast infection. Such contaminations can be dealt with well with Himalaya V (gel) which is a characteristic solution for vaginal diseases. It is an extraordinary home grown equation that contains fixings like Triphla, Ela and Persian Rose that give calm tingling and swelling of the vagina because of disease.
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Benefits Of Applying Himalaya V (gel) To Prevent Infections

  • It serves to alleviate periodic tingling, blazing sensation and bothering of the vagina and also alleviates incidental vaginal dryness.
  • This characteristic recipe for vaginal diseases is even suggested for manifestations, for example, Vaginal Candidiasis, Vaginal trichomoniasis, non-particular bacterial vaginitis furthermore avoids post-agent vaginal contamination, Cervicitis and Leucorrhea are shown.
  • It underpins ordinary levels of Candida and keeps up the pH levels in the body.
  • It backings body’s common insusceptible instruments and soothes tingling and accelerates the recuperating procedure.
  • Can be applied to prevent white or yellow vaginal discharge.
  • People facing infections in private parts due to hormonal changes can get benefit through this herbal gel. Applying this gel for a few days can prevent itching and irritation.

What Are The Advantages Of Preferring Himalaya V (gel)

  1. It is a characteristic answer for vaginal diseases for men or ladies wellbeing with no symptoms, but make sure you keep that area clean with proper cleaning and hygienic clothes.
  2. This gel contains natural herbs that are known for securely supporting the sound and adjusted levels of microscopic organisms and pH in the body.
  3. It additionally known as the microscopic organisms and for the most part ensures the vagina.
  4. Its demulcent property helps in calming swelling and periodic tingling of the vagina.
  5. It underpins the typical Candida level furthermore bolsters the guard and normal invulnerable components of the body.

Indications Of Applying This Herbal Gel

  • Cervicitis
  • White and yellow vagina discharge
  • Vaginitis
  • Fungal yeast infection
  • Bacterial
DirectionsTo Apply This Gel In A Correct Manner
  1. Wash that area well with water.
  2. Let it get dry or make it dry with tissue paper.
  3. Take this gel and apply on that part and let it do its work.

Buy V Gel 30 Gm

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Dosage To Use For Daily Use

You can apply this gel twice in a day in an amount that is sufficient to cover that area. If you are not sure, then contact your health expert.

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