Vim Dish Wash Gel

Vim Gel When talking of a product that gives you clean utensils with no extra hard work and in no time, it has to be Vim Gel. Vim is a product that comes from the brand name Hindustan Unilever which has numerous leading products such as Lakme, Surf excel, Ponds, Red level and so many more. Just like any other product from this brand, Vim delivers what it guarantees. Formed in the year 1885, Vim was the only dishwashing brand invented for hand washing. Sold in over four continents and twenty countries, Vim Gel is a hot favorite for more than two billon people all across the globe. In India, the product was launched in 1993 by HuL and till date is the dealer in this segment.

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The product is packed with the following:

  • Vim Gel contains benzene sulfonate, sodium Cocamidopropyl betaine, sodium laurethsulphate, vinegar and of course lemon.
  • The gel is ideal for cleaning all types of utensils
  • The liquid gel has all natural products that ensure that it doesn’t harm your hands.
  • It is designed to eliminate all kinds of odor from the utensil and what remains at the end is a pleasant fragrance.
  • The gel fights all kinds of tough stains, tackiness and spots leaving your utensil shiny and germs free.
  • The bottle is easy to use, extremely strong grease cutting ability and works on the toughest grease possible.

Availability Of Vim Gel

Vim dishwashing gel is available in different variants such as orange, lemon as well as double power pack. Get the vim gel today in 140ml, 225ml, 250ml and 500ml pack. Avail it in its plastic bottle and you can refill it later with the vim gel pouch.

Directions For Using Vim Gel

Nothing could be easier than using this product. All you need is to take 1 tablespoon of Vim gel, mix it with a bow of water and use a sponge to clean the utensils. You can use a hard scrub for cleaning cooking vessels and a soft scrubber to eating dishes. Clean the utensils thoroughly to wash of all the gel from the utensil for sparkling and refreshingly fragrant clean utensils. 1 tablespoon of vim gel is sufficient enough to clean utensils of one meal.

Indications Of Vim Gel

A single drop of Vim gel is extremely powerful to take off all the grease and stain from your utensils. It is a combination of natural ingredients as well as few chemicals that are not at all harmful to the user however it is extremely important that you wash of your dishes really well and no sign of the gel is left on it. Keep it out of the reach of children and should only be used of cleaning the utensils. Intake of it in any form could be harmful.

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