Bakson’s Homeopathic Astha Aid Tablets For Treatment Of Cough

astha aid tabletsHomeopathic Astha Aid Tablets for treatment of cough. Our body removes the mucus or foreign material from the lungs through a cough. The cough is not a disease, it is just a symptom. It’s the body’s way to react to irritated materials. Children do not have so strong immune symptom. They are prone to get infected in changing weather. Bakson’s Astha Aid tablets are known as one of the best homeopathic cough remedies. It works great on controlling cough. It dilates bronchitis and aids easy expectoration. These drops are ideal soother for a dry throat. They give relief from suffocating and whooping cough. Dry cough irritates the throat and creates suffocation. With these tablets, the body increases its resistance against the duration and intensity of attack. Doctors recommend these tablets for quick treatment of cough. It controls cough and its frequency.
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Benefits of Astha Aid Tablets

Bakson’s Astha Aid tablets are natural cough relievers. These tablets have a good track of treatment of cough in a significant amount of time. They help in easy expectoration also. These tablets increase the immunity of body. They also increase the resistance of the body to control cough during the attacks. They help in easy breathing by clearing the mucus from breathing pipe.


  1. Dry throat
  2. Whooping cough
  3. Mucus with cough
  4. Irritation in throat
  5. Continuous cough with suffocating feeling

Ingredient Of Astha Aid Tablets

Each tablet of Bakson’s Astha Aid is made of following ingredients-

Justicia Adhatoda, Senega Indian Root, Lobelia, Magnesium, Excipients and Alcohol.

Therapeutic Uses Of Astha Aid Tablets

Cough is the most important symptom for throat infections. Bakson’s Astha Aid tablets are the best homeopathic cough remedies. These tablets are also called easy breathers. It dilates bronchitis and help in easy expectoration. It controls cough and helps in soothing dry throat. Doctors also recommend this for long term treatment of cough. It gives relief from dry and whooping cough. It also treats suffocation due to cough.

Dosage Of Astha Aid Tablets

It comes in a pack of 75 tablets. One tablet is recommended for adults, four times a day. For children, reduce the dosage. Make it three times a day.

Diet Recommendations

A cough diet plan or immunity boosting diet plan is recommended. You can also make your diet plan based on the severity of the condition. Discuss the nutritional value of certain foods with your doctor and then make a wise decision. Vitamin C plays the most important role in boosting the immunity. We generally think of lemon and orange when somebody talks about Vitamin C. These are good sources of this nutrient, but these can act as irritants in cough.

You can increase the intake of broccoli, green leafy vegetable, Brussels, cabbage and sprouts in your daily diet. They are rich in Vitamin C.

Besides Vitamin C, our body needs vitamins A, B, D and E as well. Eat a wide variety of Vitamin rich foods. Spinach, tomato, carrot, whole grain, dandelion, legumes and spinach are super foods to treat cough. You can also have steamed apple. It increases appetite and soothes sore throat. You can also consume papaya, grapes and pears in steamed form. Egg yolks, fish and chicken are good options if you are a non-vegetarian.

Apart from Vitamins, our body also requires proteins, minerals and healthy fatty acids. These are immunity boosters and should be a part of your cough diet.

Onion, ginger and garlic are the super foods to treat this condition. They have anti-bacterial and anti-virus substances.
Keep your body hydrated. It gives you energy and helps in flushing the toxins out of your body.


This is a homeopathic preparation and pure natural. It has no side effects. You might experience some dizziness because all the cough remedies have this as an essential part. Avoid driving or operating machinery after consuming the medicine.

Side Effects Of Astha Aid Tablets

These tablets are safe to use for adults as well as children. Do consult your doctor before taking any medicine as the ingredients can interfere. Never self medicate your kids or yourself.

Home Remedies for cough
  • Certain kitchen ingredients have therapeutic benefits and are perfect homeopathic cough remedies. They treat throat infection and reduce the severity of symptoms.
  • Honey helps in soothing the dry throat. It relieves the dryness and soreness caused by coughing. Mix 2 tablespoons honey with a cup of grape juice to get relief from this condition. Expectorant properties of grapes aids in easy release of mucus. It also clears throat and lung.
  • Garlic not only prevents, but also cures the body from the bad effects of cough and cold. It contains allicin, which makes the immune system stronger. It also overcomes the effects of bacteria’s and viruses. Add a clove of chopped garlic to a cup of hot water. Stir it well and wait for the chopped pieces to sit on the bottom. Drink this water to soothe the sore and dry throat. You can also chew a clove of garlic daily. It boosts the immunity.
  • Ginger is very effective in congestion treatment. This hot spice loosens the mucus. Drink ginger tea daily for clean lungs and respiratory system. It has anti-bacterial properties.
  • Night time cough is very difficult to handle. You have to be very careful that it should not start at night time (while sleeping). Make preventive arrangements to do so. Drink a cup of ginger and honey tea before going to bed. This warm liquid breaks the mucus in the airway and helps in easy breathing while sleeping.
  • Use pillows to incline the head while sleeping. It will help you to overcome the effects of gravity that tries to pull down the mucus.
  • Take a hot tub bath or hot shower before going to bed. The steam will keep you hydrated.

Buy Bakson’s Homeopathic Astha Aid Tablets (75 tablets)

2 Bottle $28.00 Free

Customer’s Review for Bakson’s Astha Aid Tablets

My son is 6 years and is very fussy about eating. He has a poor immune system due to these eating habits. Every time when the weather changes, he is infected with viral infections. This winter, my doctor recommended him Bakson’s Astha Aid Tablets. These tablets help in improving his immunity against the infections. I would definitely recommend this to everybody who has a cough. Credit goes to Bakson’s for making this wonderful medicine. My family loves it…Priscila Cordeiro (U.S)

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