Dr. Willmar Schwabe LUFFAKINDThe Rhinitis is an allergic reaction that occurs when any airborne irritants (also called as allergens) enters the nose and triggers the release of histamine that causes fluid production and inflammation in the nasal passage, eyelids and sinuses. The allergic rhinitis in children is more common than in adults and also this allergy usually have a family history. This allergic rhinitis can be seasonal (also known as the hay fever) in which it particularly occurs during the pollen seasons, and it can be perennial that occurs throughout the year and this type is very common in younger children.

The children suffering from the allergic rhinitis may experience the symptoms differently but some very common symptoms include running nose, itching in the nose, eyes and ears, sneezing, congestions, bleeding of nose, snoring, fatigue, mouth breathing, recurrent ear infections and allergic salute. The proper treatment for this allergy becomes very important in case of children as with them coping with this allergy they may have difficulty in sleeping that may become irritable and cause lack of concentration. This will affect child’s ability to cope with his/her daily routine.

The Luffakind medicine by Schwabe is a very popular and effective medicine to prevent this allergy and cure it, especially for children suffering from allergic rhinitis. Schwabe is one of the top brands for the manufacturing of homoeopathic medicines in Germany and their homeopathic medicines are highly recommended by the doctors all over the world. The Luffakind is a homoeopathic treatment for allergic rhinitis that very effectively controls all the allergic manifestations including allergic rhinitis and pollinosis in children.
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BENEFITS Of Dr Willmar Schwabe Luffakind

The Luffakind is specially formulated homoeopathic treatment for problems common in children like the running nose, pollinosis and allergic rhinitis. This medicine is very effective in controlling the reactions of allergy and helps in improving the child’s quality of life. It blocks the allergic response of this disease by reducing the inflammation. The problem caused by this allergy can be very painful for children as it causes the irritation in inner linings of nasal chamber and eyes as well. The children might also get headache and other pains along with the sneezing and running nose problem.

The allergic rhinitis must be controlled in its initial stage only because prolonged infection by this allergy can make way for other serious health issues also. The Luffakind does this job perfectly as it increases the body defence and controls the excess sneezing and running nose problem by detecting the symptoms of this allergy attacking on the root cause of the problem.


The Luffakind is a very effective homoeopathic formulation for treating the allergic rhinitis in children, manufactured by well-reputed homeopathic brand Schwabe Pvt. LTD. The medicine cures this problem effectively and advantages of using this medicine are:

  • It simulates the defence system of the body.
  • It controls problems like sneezing, irritation in children and baby running nose.
  • This medicine controls the allergic rhinitis by lowering the hyper secretion from the nasal mucosa.
  • It also gives relief for headache, dullness, pain and irritation caused by the allergic rhinitis.
  • The medicine also prevents congestion in the suffering children by normalizing dryness of the nasal mucosa.
  • Effectively controls the problem of pollinosis and other harmful allergic manifestations.


The Luffakind homoeopathic medicine by Dr. Willimar Schwabe Pvt. Ltd. is indicated for the allergies very common in younger children like the allergic rhinitis, running nose and pollinosis. These allergies can be very painful if left untreated so with proper medication of this homoeopathic formula, these allergies can be cured effectively.


It is advised by the doctors to take this medicine in an empty stomach. If not then medicine must be taken at least half an hour before having any kind of food (breakfast, lunch or dinner).
For acute allergic rhinitis it is recommended to dissolve 50 globules of the medicine in half glass of water and must be taken by the children in small sips of dissolved medicine. Other way to take this medicine is to put 5-10 globules underneath the tongue every half an hour and allow it to dissolve it under there.

DOSAGES Of Dr. Willmar Schwabe LUFFAKIND
  1. If taking by dissolving it in water: 50 globules in half glass of water.
  2. If without using water: 5-10 globules every half an hour allowed to dissolve underneath tongue.
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