Brings Back The Vagina Into Its Original Shape

Brings Back The Vagina Into Its Original ShapeVagina loses its elasticity with advancing age in women. It is a natural process but women can take natural measures for keeping their vagina into its original shape. There are many natural ways by which women can keep their vagina tight and firm even passing their middle age. There are a few things that women have to keep in mind for keeping their vagina tight and firm. Some tips are given here that can help women to keep their vagina in original shape.

Tips to bring back the vagina into its original shape

Workout: It is important for women do some work out on a daily basis to strengthen the muscles. Kegel exercise helps to increase the strength of the pelvic floor muscles and brings back the vagina into its original shape. You can do kegel exercise anytime, at any place and for as long as you feel comfortable.

Check your weight: You can keep your vagina in shape by maintaining proper weight. If you gain or lose weight constantly it can affect your skin muscles. It can cause sagging and stretching of the vaginal muscles too that can lead to looseness of vagina.

Use lubricants: It is important to use lubricants for maintaining proper tonicity of your vagina. Estrogen levels start dipping with age and this can cause loose vagina. Therefore, you have to lubricate your vagina by using natural oils such as olive oil that brings back the vagina into its original shape.

Avoid douching: Douching should be avoided at any cost as it can harm the normal flora of your vagina and can disturb the pH balance. It can also lead to dryness of the vagina that may give you decreased libido. Therefore, women should avoid douching to keep their vagina in proper shape.

Use Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is found to be an effective herbal solution that can help to keep your vagina into its original shape. You can drink a glass of aloe Vera daily to boost up your health. You can also use fresh aloe Vera gel to rub on your vagina gently. It brings back the vagina into its original shape without producing any harmful effects. Aloe Vera gel helps to enhance the elasticity and tonicity of your vaginal walls.

Dry your vagina after shower: It is the most important thing that you can follow to prevent the bacterial growth. Bacteria grow in the moist and humid environment and if your private parts remain moist, it will stimulate the growth of bacteria and yeast infection. This can cause harm to the normal elasticity of your vaginal walls. Therefore, it is important to pat dry your vagina after shower.

Wear cotton and lose underwear: It is very important to keep your vagina in proper shape. Tight underwear can produce harmful effects as the private parts will not get the required amount of oxygen. It is recommended to wear cotton underwear that is comfortable and lose. It will help to maintain proper elasticity of your private parts and will also prevent from recurrent bacterial infections.

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