Chamodent For Teething Pains In Children

ChamodentTeething is a common problem in small children and is a part of development of them. Teething occurs in the baby when the milk teeth come through their gums. This usually happens between 6 to 24 months of the age and when this teething occurs, special chemicals are released by body that causes part of gums to separate in order to allow the teeth to grow through them.

Though some babies may have very few symptoms during their teething process yet for majority of them this process is usually very painful and lasts for a long time. Some common symptoms for teething are:

  • Swollen and reddened gums.
  • Red flushed face.
  • Excessive drooling more than usual.
  • Babies rubbing their ears on the side from where the tooth is coming through.
  • Having unsettled behaviour.
  • Babies rubbing their gums, chewing and biting more.
  • Fussiness that comes and goes again and again.
  • Refusal for food due to soring gums.

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Apart from these symptoms that are common in mostly all the teething babies, the baby may also suffer from fever or mild diarrhoea during teething. Other problems that may be caused by teething are colic and flatulence during the teething process. Parents must be aware of the fact that these problems are not the common symptoms of teething in babies and so if the child becomes unwell following any of these above mentioned problems then proper medication and treatment must be undertaken before it further infects the body more.

There are many treatments for teething problems in babies but among all the homoeopathic remedies for teething relief, the one offered by the Schwabe Pvt Ltd manufacturers is mostly recommended by the doctors. Their product Chamodent is considered the most effective for having a trouble-free teething in babies. Given below are the details of product.

BENEFITS Of DR.Willmart’s Homeopathic Chamodent

The teething is not associated with any of these: High fever, Diarrhoea, Colic or Flatulence during the teething process. And so if any of these signs are visible then the parents must take immediate steps for curing these side problems. The Chamodent is a specially formulated product by the Dr. Willmar Schwabe India Pvt. Ltd. and is a very trusted product for providing trouble free teething to the babies. Teething very often makes way for other health issues like Fever (especially over 101 F), Running nose and cough, Diarrhoea, Prolonged Fussiness, rashes over the body and the problems of Colic and Flatulence during teething.

The product Chamodent controls the happening of any such diseases during baby’s teething process and also reduces the pain that happens during this process. The medicine controls the inflammation of tooth gums and so reduces teething pains in children. Due to the relieved pain the baby becomes more settled and less irritating. The medicine effectively handles the health problems that the teething baby may undergo like high fever or diarrhoea, colic problem and flatulence happening during teething. Manufactured by a very trusted medical brand, Chamodent is one of the most recommended medicine for teething troubles in growing babies.

ADVANTAGES Of DR.Willmart’s Homeopathic Chamodent

The main advantages of this product from Schwabe are given below:

  • The medicine controls the inflammation of gums during tooth emergence through it.
  • It provides a relief to the throbbing pain that happens in teeth and gums during teething process.
  • Reduces the pain and so controls the restlessness and irritability happening in teething children.
  • Also takes care of the problems like colic, flatulence and diarrhoea during teething.
  • Provides a pain and trouble free teething to the babies.


The Chamodent by Schwabe Medical Manufacturer Company is indicated for the trouble teething in babies who suffer from problems like Colic, Flatulence or Diarrhoea during teething. The medicine effectively treats these problems and so is highly beneficial for having a trouble and pain free teething.

DIRECTIONS FOR TAKING DR.Willmart’s Homeopathic Chamodent

It is advisable to consult a physician first before advancing to the intake of the medicine. For acute teething problems 3 tablets every hour must be given to the baby. If the problem is not that acute then 2-3 tablets can be given to the teething baby 3-4 times a day.

Buy DR. Willmart’s Homeopathic Chamodent (10 gm)

1 Pack $14.00 Free

2 Pack $26.00 Free

DOSAGES Of DR.Willmart’s Homeopathic Chamodent

For acute teething case: 3 tablets every hour.
For not so acute teething problems: 2-3 tablets for 3-4 times a day.

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