Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Acne

get rid of acneAcne is the boils that one gets generally on their face. People between the age group of 12 to 25 years are mostly affected by this. Though it generally affects the face but it can be seen at the back, the chest and the neck. They are painful but can be treated to have those cured.

The symptoms that can help you understand that you are having acne

Acne somewhat look similar to boils. But the main difference is that they occur frequently and as one subside another spot up somewhere. The small boils like eruptions that can be seen on the outer surface of the skin are painful and red in color. The reason of having acne is that the skin pores get blocked and the sebum gets collected there and causes acne.

The problems of having acne

The main problems of having acne are the pain that is associated with it and the scar that it leaves behind after one get rid of acne. The scar hampers the beauty of the face and proper treatment is required to get rid of those.

The natural remedies that one avail to cure acne

There are various natural remedies which one can have to get rid of acne and have a glowing skin. Let us see some of those so that we can also use those if necessary.

  • Usage of natural face wash: The face wash is made by mixing vinegar of cider apple, coconut oil, honey, and other essential oils. The skin has to be made moist by using warm water and the face wash is to be massaged into the skin. This has to be done two times a day and it will fight against the bacteria and fungus to reduce acne.
  • Proper toning of the skin: Vinegar of cider apple is to be used for toning the skin twice daily. It will help to maintain the normal pH of the skin and fight acne.
  • Usage of healing musk: There is various healing musk that can be used to fight acne and have a glowing skin. The musk can be made by mixing yogurt and honey or by mixing cinnamon and honey.
  • Regular exfoliation: This can be effectively done to remove the dead cell which causes acne and is cured. You need to mix sea salt, oatmeal and brown sugar with coconut oil or honey to make the scrub. After scrubbing gently you need to wipe it off with a damp cloth.

An ideal way to deal with a acne is to keep your skin clean. Things are little better if you stay at home but if you travel then the first thing to do when you reach home is to wash your face with a face wash and water. Tap it dry with clean towel and apply the recommended sun screen or moisturizer.

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