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Natural Immunity BoostersGuduchi (simply, Indian tinospora cordifolia, a large climbing shrub) Satva Capsules supports the body’s ability to heal itself. You can also call it one of the well known natural immunity booster. It elevates the immunity level and the body’s ability to fight day to day stress. It is a natural rejuvenator and belongs to rasayan category of ayurvedic plants. It maintains the best levels of white blood cells. It is used in healing various types of fever as well. Tinopora plant is called makabuhay in Philippines. This plant can be found in south India and Himalayas. It has an easy to peel climber with bark and various roots (specially ariel). The stem of the plant contains alkaloidal constituents and it is very commonly used in allopathic medicines to combat fever. Pharmacists use it in the immunity booster medicines because they know better that how to increase immunity with ayurvedic plants. It is a natural detoxicant and immune booster tonic.
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Benefits Of Guduchi

Himalaya Guduchi builds the body’s defense mechanism stronger and increases the potency of while blood cells. It is a natural immunity booster. It elevates the functions of protective cells of our body. It also puts a check on bacterial growth. It is known as a supplement for people who undergo chemotherapy. It can also be used as a diuretic. It removes urinary stones effectively. It is also called liver protector herb. It treats damaged liver very effectively. Chemical poisoning and alcohol damaged liver can be effectively cured by guduchi. It promotes mental clarity and helps in growing tissues back. That is why, it is used for treating various eye disorders. It is very helpful in treating constipation as well. It maintains the blood sugar levels and hence is beneficial in diabetes and hypoglycemia. Sometimes hyper-heat condition is responsible for erectile dysfunction. It manages to clear the heat from body and nourishes shukradhaatu.

Indication Of Guduchi

  • Hepatitis
  • Patients who are undergoing chemotherapy
  • Arthritis and joint pain
  • Frequent infections (skin, tissues and urinary)
  • Frequent Sickness (due to sudden change in weather)
  • Erectile dysfunction (due to heat)
  • Diabetes

Therapeutic Uses Of Guduchi

It has a high phagcytic index which increases the effectiveness of white blood cells. It manages skin, soft tissue and respiration infections very effectively. In Ayurveda existence, it is known as natural immunity booster. It is a very effective diuretic. It is very useful in treating all kinds of urinary tract infections. It is very effective in treating arthritis and joint related issues. It also rejuvenates liver tissues and manages fibrosis. The herb is rather acrimonious in taste but in capsule form, you generally don’t feel the taste. In short, it is a best answer of those who are still searching for- ‘how to increase immunity naturally?’.

Ingredient Of Guduchi

Extract of guduchi (250 mg)

Dosage Of Guduchi

Himalaya guduchi comes in the form of capsules. Take one capsule, two times daily with meals. This is the standard dosage but your physician might recommend different dosage as per the condition. It might take few weeks for you to notice the visible changes. Be little patient and take capsules on time.

Diet Recommendations

Eat a balanced diet everyday which includes leafy green vegetables, whole grain, fruit, nuts, milk products and meat. Drinking adequate amount of water is also very important. Besides healthy diet, take multivitamin pills every day. They cover up the deficiencies which we can’t get from our food.

Precaution For Guduchi
Himalaya Guduchi is safe to use. It is not easy for kids to swallow the capsules for kids. Make sure your child can swallow the capsules properly. Otherwise there are chances of congestion. Talk to your doctor for another alternatives.

Side Effects Of Guduchi

Himalaya guduchi is made with herb based plant and is totally ayurvedic preparation. It has no side effects reported yet. If you feel any symptoms/ side effects or contradictions with other medications, you can report.

Home Remedies for increasing immunity

  1. Immune system helps to fight against infections. There is no rocket science to understand that the stronger the immune system will be, better are the chances to be healthy. Harmony as well as balance is required to improve the immune system. There is not even a proven research on ‘how to increase immunity’. Just protect yourself from environmental alteration and follow good health guidelines.
  2. Aloe vera elevates the immunity.
  3. Garlic has anti-inflammatory and infection fighting properties. Include garlic to your daily diet in moderate amount.
    Keep the blood pressure under control.
  4. Keep the cooking surfaces and utensils clean. Wash your hands properly before cooking and eating. Wash fruit and vegetables properly under fresh running water.
  5. There are various shakes and powders are available which claim to increase the immunity. But it is prejudiced and there is no research to prove it. Don’t use any of these without prescription.
  6. As we grow older, the immune system gets weaker due to aging. Old people are more prone to the infections due to weak immune system. Go for a regular checkup as per the age and doctor’s recommendation.

Besides all these remedies, there are few simple changes in the lifestyle that can help making a strong immune system.

  • Take appropriate sleep and adequate rest. Keep your life stress free.
  • Avoid excessive smoking and drinking.
  • Eat healthy foods and stay away from junk, processed and deep fried food.
  • Spend some time with nature and relax. Let the sun rays touch your body and cool wind blow off the stress from your mind.
  • Maintain appropriate weight as per your height and weight. Overweight and underweight people are more prone to diseases.
    Exercise plays an important role in a strong immune system. Include 30 minutes of light exercise to your daily routine.
    Go for routine medical checkup once in a year. Early diagnosis is very helpful in treating any kind of infection.

Buy Guduchi 60 Tablets

1 Bottle $17.00 Free

2 Bottle $31.00 Free

3 Bottle $46.00 Free

5 Bottle + 1 Bottle Free $77.00 Free

10 Bottle + 2 Bottle Free $152.00 Free

Customer’s Review for Himalaya Guduchi Satva capsules

I am a 22 years student. I live in a hostel. Changing weather makes me sick every time. This affects my studies as well. After a complete diagnosis, it came out that my immune system is not strong. The doctor prescribed me Himalaya Guduchi Satva Capsules. I am taking these capsules from last 3 months and I can feel the changes in my body. I would definitely recommend this to everyone…Mark (USA)

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