Human Immune System And Ways To Boost It

immune systemOur body daily exposes to diverse kinds of threats that have the capability to effect the body negatively. For protecting our body, there is a complex interconnection of cells, tissues and organs collectively known as the immune system. It works like a personal shield and guards the organs as well as the body from the harmful organisms and toxins. Our system detects the pathogens, viruses and worms distinguish them from the body’s known tissue that is healthy.

The system is further classified into innate and adaptive immune systems, which work cohesively to protect the body from illness. However, like all the system it can sometimes run into trouble and fail in giving the protection. Many people are born with weak immune system that makes them more prone to the diseases as well as illness. Nevertheless, it can be boosted easily without any trouble.

A good immune system offers some benefits

  • With a good immune system, a person can reduce the risks cardiovascular diseases.
  • The aging process of the body decreases and the body is able to work more efficiently.
  • Healing of physical injury like cuts and bruises increases making the wound to cover up rapidly.
  • The effect of the negative surroundings is reduced when the immunity is at its best.
  • The count of white and red blood cells remains on the same level to help the body against the specific disease.

If the immune system of the body is not functioning in the right way, then the body might encounter some bad troubles:

  • The body becomes prone to allergic diseases like rhinitis, asthma and etc.
  • Items little as grass pollen can be mistaken for a severe attack resulting in a shock.
  • The diseases like AIDS can’t be detected by the immune system when it is in bad shape.
  • Many people also not encounter the effects of diabetes type 1 due to immune system troubles.

For boosting the immune system, a person can do:

  1. The person has to stop the intake of excessive sugar to avoid the increase the amount of blood sugar in the body.
  2. Any person addicted to smoke should less or stop the intake to avoid any lung infection.
  3. Eating of healthy fats can help in controlling the body weight and give the natural immune system the needed nutrients.
  4. Supplements can also reduce the occurrence of infections related to respiration and stomach.
  5. One should be more under the sun to intake the Vitamin D and trigger the production of the vitamin by the skin.
  6. Garlic can be taken as it is a good antimicrobial agent as well as an immune cells. The heat of the garlic does deactivates a key ingredient.
  7. By raising your pH level, you can boost your immune cells. A person can take minerals, calcium and potassium in their diet.

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