Package Of Medicines For Liver Treatment

package of medicines for liver treatmentLiver is the most important organ in the human body. It is situated in the upper right part of the abdomen just below the diaphragm. The function of liver is to detoxification of many metabolites, synthesis of proteins and production of many biochemicals which are used for digestion process. Without liver there in no possibility a human can live. There is no substituent organ for liver and if it gets damaged a person will surely die. If a liver gets damaged then people go for liver dialysis but this technique if only useful for short terms. The other functions of liver are regulation of regulation of glycogen storage, production of hormones, detoxification, synthesis of plasma protection, and decomposition of red blood cells. In case of detoxification the liver support supplement fails to act and there is depletion of liver tonic mainly bile juice from the body of the patients.
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There are many symptoms which may be indicating that the liver of the person is detoxified. Pain in the upper right abdomen is the common indication of detoxification. People face discomfort in this region of liver. The pain of this disease may extend to the lower abdomen also. The other symptoms are-

  • The most common symptom for this disease is weakness and tiredness in the body of patient.
  • There is also a loss in appetite of the person.
  • Weight loss and muscle wasting can be seen in the patient.
  • A patient may have the feeling of nausea and vomiting.
  • There is an appearance of small red lines just on the skin above the waist level.
  • The skin of the patient becomes very itchy.
  • The patient of cirrhosis also suffers from frequent nose bleeds and gum bleeds.
  • The patient starts loosing his hairs.
  • Yellowing of the skin and whitening of the eye can also be observed in the patient.
  • A swelling in legs feet and ankles can be seen due to rise in creatinine level of the body.


There are many causes which are related to the detoxification of the liver but the most common cause is the intake of high amount of alcohol which damages the liver. The other reasons are –

  • Sometimes it occurs because of iron building up inside the body.
  • Cystic fibrosis is also the reason.
  • Digestive disorder due to genetic reasons.
  • Poor formation of bile duct.
  • Accumulation of fat inside the liver.
  • Hepatitis B and hepatitis C is also one of the major reasons for this disease.


There is a cure for detoxification but before going for curing it one should always think for preventing such diseases. Few of the remedies are –

  • Intake of alcohol should be limited.
  • Drugs and alcohol should not be mixed together.
  • One should always eat a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Industrial chemicals exposure should be avoided.
  • Take the hepatitis dosage on time.

But after taking these precautions people still get this disease. One should not worry during that and should go for natural remedies for liver to cure it. These remedies help to secrete the liver support supplement. There is a package which comes to cure the problem of liver. The package is a complete and a unique combination of natural herbs which helps in secretion of liver tonic and cures it naturally. The package is commonly known as Divya Sarvkalp Kvath which is beneficial for curing all the liver related problems naturally.

Buy Package Of Medicines For Liver Treatment

1 Pack $69.00 Free Shipping

2 Pack $124.00 Free Shipping

3 Pack $179.00 Free Shipping

The package consists of

  1. Punarnava (Boerhaavia diffusa) 50 gm
  2. Makoy (Solangum nigrum) 25 gm
  3. Bhoomi Amla (Phyllanthus urinaria) 25 gm

All these herbs are naturally made and are very much helpful in curing the cirrhosis of liver.


Boil one teaspoon of medicine with 400ml water and boil it till it reduces to 100ml. Take this twice a day one before breakfast and one before dinner.

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